Korfball is the world's only truly mixed-sex sport. It was invented in the Netherlands in 1903 and is now played by over 200,000 people in 65 countries.


A korfball team consists of four men and

four women. There are no set positions,

and everyone has to attack and defend. It

doesn't matter if you're tall or short -- all

that matters is that you can work with your

team to beat the opposition's defence.

What is korfball?

How to play

Ball yellow

The basic rules of korfball are simple, so

beginners can pick them up very quickly.


* The ball is similar to a football or a netball

* You score a goal by shooting through a basket 3.5m off the floor

* You can can't run with the ball, and can only shoot if you shake off your marker

* Teams are four men and four women, with half attacking and half defending

* Attackers and defenders swap roles after two goals


There are more complex rules too and, if you come to a session, we will happily explain. We assume no knowledge and will do our best to make you feel welcome.


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