Do you find netball too girly?  Basketball

too height-ist? Is running a bit dull?  Then

this is definitely the sport for you.


Korfball is a fun mixed sport that can be

enjoyed regardless of your experience,

so get involved.  


You're welcome to come to training and try us out.  And it won't cost a penny as your first four sessions are free!  

Welcome to Oxford City

Founded in 1992, Oxford City Korfball Club is a friendly korfball team that trains and plays in Oxford.  Our philosophy is have fun, play fair, play hard and party!

Ball yellow

Oxfordshire's biggest

and best korfball club

Why you should try korfball

Training nights

2017 tournament

We train every Monday and Thursday, 6.30pm-8pm, at Oxford Spires Academy, OX4 2AU. Monday training sessions are aimed at individual teams. Thursday night is a whole-club session. If you're a beginner, Thursday is the best night to come along.